About the Journal


Nurse Practitioner Open Journal is open access and includes high quality peer-reviewed articles related to NP education, policy and practice.  

Creative Commons License

The NPOJ publishes content that is openly accessible under the terms of a Creative Commons License.  This allows the authors to retain copyright of their article while allowing others to copy, distribute and make some uses of their work, as long as it is non-commercial. See this link: Creative Commons Licenses

Article Processing Charge (ACP)

There is a minimal article processing charge (APC) for publishing in the NPOJ. This charge supports the ongoing costs of running the journal.  The ACP ensures that articles are accessible online for viewers through an internet link, without the need for a subscription. 

The current charge is $250 Canadian dollars plus taxes as applicable (as of January 2021 this is approximately equivalent to $196 USD, 145 British Pounds, or 161 Euros before exchange and applicable taxes).

Authors, their institutions or funding bodies are only obligated to pay the ACP if their article is accepted for publication, after it has been peer reviewed, and before it is published.

NPOJ only publishes open access and does not offer a subscription- based publishing option. However, there are many advantages to the open access option.

  • Increase Access and Visibility. Open access publishing offers wide dissemination globally with no barriers to viewing. This means more people can view and cite your work.  Not only is your work directly available to other researchers, educators and practicing NPs, it is also readily available to the general public.  This has the potential to augment understanding of NP practice to patients as well as to policy makers.
  • Greater Control Over Intellectual Property. Using a Creative Commons license, NPOJ offers authors greater control over their intellectual property, including the rights to distribute and re-use their work.
  • Comply with Funders. Some funders require research completed with their funding to be published in open access journals.

The Editorial Board has approved polices that can be viewed here:

NPOJ Editorial Policies